Anoulak Association is a French NGO specialised in research and long-term conservation of wildlife, working in the Nakai-Nam Theun National Protected Area (Khammouan Province). CCL and Anoulak, together with FishBio, are starting a parternship in 2021, to conduct research and conservation activities on the endemic fish Luciocyprinus striolatus.

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Brot Für die Welt

Bread for the World (BftW) is working in almost 100 countries around the world for the eradication of poverty and for more justice. Their main objective is food security. In addition, BfW acts in favor of the promotion of education and health, respect for human rights, equality between men and women. BftW is supporting CCL since 2019 for the implementation of its Action in favor of the sustainable development of the upland northern provinces of Laos.

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Care International is "a global confederation of 14 member and 6 candidate and 1 affiliate organisations working together to end poverty". CCL and Care start up a partneship in 2014 among the NU-PCR project. Since then, Care and CCL have been working together in Phongsaly and Luang Namtha provinces and are currently partners within the Scaling Project.

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Child Fund

ChildFund in Laos is "the representative office of ChildFund Australia – an independent international development organisation that works to reduce poverty for children in developing communities". CCL and ChildFund started to work together in 2018, within the Scaling project set up in Phongsaly, LuangNamtha, LuangPrabang and Huaphan provinces.

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Farmerleaf is a tea small scale factory in Yunnan province, China. Dedicated to high quality Jingmai Pu-erh tea, as well as Oolong and White tea production, Farmerleaf provides technical expertise on tea processing and marketing to the CCL, through the Nyot Ou project.

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FishBio is a fisheries and natural resource specialist firm capable of addressing a wide range of challenges in fisheries research, monitoring, and conservation. CCL and FishBio are starting a parternship in 2021, to conduct research and conservation activities on the endemic fish Luciocyprinus striolatus.

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The Institute for Research and Application of development Methods (IRAM) is an associative consultancy firm working on international development since 1957. Since 2017, CCL and IRAM are implementing the Technical Assistance to the Lao government, beneficiating to the displaced communities from the Nakay Plateau (Nakai Plateau – Livestock,  Agriculture & Fisheries Project).

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Kinnari is a German-Lao company based in Vientiane and dedicated to tea lovers. Kinnari provides expertise on tea production, benchmarking and marketing to CCL's projects and activities on tea value chain, especially in Nyot Ou district.

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Les Amis Lorrains du Laos – ALL

The French association ALL is CCL's partner since 2013, for activities related to health, sanitation and water access in Oudomxay Province.

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The Land Information Working Group is a network of civil society organisations, consisting in around 40 core members organisations and 180 individual supporting members, created in 2007. CCL is a core member of LIWG since 2012. CCL is supporting LIWG through participating in the LIWG governance committee, working with the LIFE project to raise capacity building of civil society and government staff, facilitating the setting up of thematic studies such as the Women Land Rights Study in 2019-2020.

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Maya HaHey (MHH)

MHH is a Lao organisation, created by a group of young clowns who started to set up shows to children in Vientiane. Since 2018, CCL and MHH are working together to raise awareness to villagers and students, thanks to the power of laughter, on complex issues (sanitation, waste management, nutrition, environment).

Rural Development Agency (RDA)

RDA is a Lao association, working on capacity building of rural communities, mainly on education, environment, gender and health issues. RDA and CCL started a parternship in 2016 in Luang Namtha and Phongsaly provinces, to support the villagers throught the "Community Lead Total Sanitation".

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SAEDA (Sustainable Agriculture and Environment Development Association)

SAEDA is a Lao association working since 1991, mainly on farming diversification, agroecology and pesticide issues with Lao updland communities. CCL & SAEDA started up a partnership in 2012, within the Right to Food project in Xiengkhouang province. Currently SAEDA is involved in the implementation of the projects in Nyot Ou (P3T) and Oudomxay (ADAEBio), for activities related to pesticide issues.

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Save the Children

Save the Children is an international NGO working in Laos since 1987 on children’s rights to education, health, protection. CCL and SCI started to work together in 2018 among the Scaling project, implemented in Phongsaly, LuangNamtha, LuangPrabang and Huaphan provinces.

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The Lao civil society organisation SLKA (Support Local Knowledge Association) has been established in 2013 and officialy registered in 2021. SLKA is dedicated to "improve the livelihoods of rural communities without any discrimination. In particular, support to sustainable agriculture and food security, access to health services, access to education and knowledge, support income generating activities in a sustainable environment". Since 2013, CCL is accompanying and supporting the creation and the strengthening of SLKA.


T.h.erroir is a French association created in 2018 by AgroParisTech students. CCL and T.h.erroir have jointly set up studies on tea production and tea value chain in Laos.

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The World Wide Fund for Nature is present in Laos since the late 1980s. CCL and WWF started to work together in 2020 to set up biodiversity surveys and strengthening of local governance on biodiversity and wildlife conservation issues.

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