40% of the global population, 3 billion of people. This is the number of people having an insufficient food diet.

In Lao PDR, 5% of the total population is suffering from malnutrition (WB 2020). Children under 5 and women are the most affected groups, especially within the ethnic minorities in the Northern uplands: 40% of the children under 5 are stunted, only 10% of the women meet their minimum daily diet needs (Lao Social Survey 2017).

Our actions today...

For 40 years, CCL has supported the population in Northern Lao for a better and sustainable food security through several interventions:

  • Nutrition campaigns in the villages
  • Agriculture support for food production, agroecology practices
  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene (construction of water supply systems, hygiene education)
  • Livelihoods and value chain development

Today, CCL supports over 15 000 smallholder farmer families in Northern Lao.

...for our future

To protect the environment is the core of our interventions. Natural resources management is cross-cutting theme included in all our projects: promotion of agroecology, biodiversity monitoring and protection, strengthening the environment governance at local level, support to platforms for environment monitoring and control, …

Support the youth for a better future: through activities implemented in primary and secondary schools such as nutrition campaign, gender equality, environment protection awareness; CCL supports the development of a new Lao generation committed for a better and sustainable future.

Our heroes of the World Food day

Ien is 26 years old and lives closed to Phongsaly « I participated in a training on child nutrition organized by CCL. I didn’t know that exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months is recommended. For my first child, I stopped when he was 4 months old. For the 2nd child, I followed CCL advice, and my young boy is growing well”.  

EK Pasom is 55 years-old and lives in Nampheng, in Oudomxay Province. “Until 2015, I tried to earn a living here and there but this was only little money. I’ve participated in a training organized by CCL on cardamon. I’ve earnt around 1300€ in 1 year for only 0.5 ha. That has helped a lot my family, even to send children to school has become possible”.

Lawa is 28 years old. She lives in Ban Phangsan in Nyot Ou district. She participated in training organized by CCL on nutrition: “I’m really glad to have received the opportunity to learn more on nutrition and child health. The training triggered many discussions within our community. And I’m also more confident to discuss during public meetings. Beside the training, CCL also provided many support to develop activities in the villages such as fishponds, home gardens, fruit trees gardens, rice production which allow us to increase the food availability and diversity in our village”.