WHY working on capacity building?

Our cooperation with the people of Laos is based on professional values ​​that are both technical (in-depth knowledge and experience) and human (desire to progress, patience, flexibility, adaptation to the local context). In our approach, we favor training actions and capacity building for expression, creativity, negotiation and organization of individuals and groups.

Since its inception, the CCL has endeavored to strengthen the means and capacities of its partners. Between 1989 and 1996, the CCL implemented a support and training program for the Mahosot hospitals in Vientiane and the hospitals in Phongsaly, Bolikhamxay and Savannakhet Province. Between 1993 and 2005, the project supported, through three successive projects, the establishment and development of the Laos Faculty of Agriculture (Nabong Agriculture College) through the development of curricula and the training of teachers.

Capacity building also targets CCL staff as well as local technicians involved in the implementation of projects in the field.

Today, one of the main objectives of the CCL is to strengthen the technical and organizational capacities of local non-state partners such as the associations SAEDA, RDA, Maya Hahey and SLKA (more information on the CCL technical partners page).

What Do We Do?

Technical training on agroecology (permaculture, agroforestry, agricultural sectors, etc.);

Technical training in the field of health and nutrition;

Training on project cycle management and monitoring-evaluation systems;

Supervision of young people and students in agronomy, geography, social sciences;

Strengthening the skills of local partners in financial management. 

For Which Results?

Since 2015, across CCL projects:

More than 50 staff from Lao Association increased their management and technical skills

More than government 150 staff have increased their knowledge