WHY working on Environmental issues in Northern Laos ? In the Lao uplands, and for centuries, villagers rely on their environment for their livelihood. However, due to multiple factors and rapid socio-economic transitions in the area, environment issues are being more and more significant. Environmental damages have tangible impacts on communities’ livelihood and well-being. The […]

Raising children’s awareness on Pesticides

Children are particularly vulnerable to pesticide exposure, as their brain, nervous system and inner organs are still developing. In the Lao uplands, they can face different kind of exposures: from direct exposure when the pesticides are sprayed in the field or when playing with chemical bottles, to indirect exposure through consumption of food & water […]

Addressing pesticide issues: an overall approach

Over the past decade 2010-2020, farming systems in Lao PDR operated a rapid transition from traditional slash & burn shifting agriculture toward more market-oriented production systems. The transition toward new crop productions -such as maize, sugar cane, tobacco, banana, long bean etc.- as well as the reduction of fallow periods and greater pest pressure, often […]